Benny Bridges Releases ‘New Places’ EP

Bringing a unique house sound with rock sensibilities, multitalented Benny Bridges releases his debut EP “New Places“. An act amount Justin Jay’s Fantastic Voyage roster, Bridges latest body of work showcases a variety of tracks that create a balanced sound of house production and pop influences.

Standout track “New Places” incorporates a strumming guitar with timed beats and vocals by Bridges himself. The overall vibe is light-hearted and fresh, transporting the listener to “somewhere new”. Bridges has an innovative approach in his music, incorporating subtle house influence in his tracks, and creating an atmospheric space for the listener.

Additionally, Benny Bridges and Justin Jay blessed music lovers earlier this week with a groovy treat sure to lighten your mood. The versatile musician put together this unique remix along with Justin, combining underproduced beats and sporadic vocal sampling. It’s evident Benny has an intuitive ear for a unique texture of sounds.

With a nontraditional approach to what could be considered a club track, the artists don’t take themselves to seriously with this release. With a consistent groove, the producers have reinvented the timeless classic into a track that can’t help but make you dance. We’re sure to see hear from Benny Bridges in the future and be sure to show his EP some love! 


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