Big Slumber Plays with Sweet Intentions on ‘Childish Fool’

LA-based band takes intentions and thoughts down a sweet, psychedelic journey.

Whimsical in nature and offering a sweet disposition, Los Angeles-based band, Big Slumber, unveil their latest single since their 2015 self-titled EP. James Kennedy, Billy Azurdia, and Emilo Corrales string a collection of delicate, indie-psych melodies on “Childish Fool“, cored by jangle-pop guitars and bright keys. As the psychedelic track digs its hole we are welcomed to a lighter intention brought down by restless thoughts.

Viewed from the innocence of a child through playful lyrics (“Please Mr. Sandman take me away), the perspective is also seen as hurtful flaw through the track’s continuous pairing of the reflective name attribution (Childish Fool) within the downfall of tempo. Azurdia’s low and heavy vocals murmur a darker ideal within the dreamy soundtrack, simultaneously harmonizing softly alongside Kennedy’s vocals. Coordinated hits from a percussion block add to the track’s step in and out of reality, and the construction of well-crafted breaks delivered from the track lift up any “dreamy” vibes.

Photo: Martin Santacruz Jr.

Since first viewing the trio live months ago, I was welcomed to this gentle and breezy flow. Audible influences carry along the lines of 60s pop that mesh well within the revival of a cleaner delivery. “Childish Fool” does carry reminiscent traits of their 2015 release and rests cozily alongside tracks such as “Traveling” and “Oh No Not Again.” With a full-length on the horizon, the locals emerge from their own slumber with light-hearted views and sounds, eagerly awaiting the rest of 2018.


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