NONA Shares His Relationship Frustration with ‘Girls’

Michael Goldman aka NONA, releases an animated music video for "Girls" from his October 2017 EP 'Otherways.'

For years, Los Angeles local Michael Goldman has toured with and wrote for a variety of bands, including Awolnation and The Moth and the Flame, and during the process he has managed to mine out his own creative voice. With his solo project NONA, named after the colloquial Mediterranean word for “grandmother,” he seeks to lend amplification to this voice. Melding together surf guitar, alt-rock rhythms, and folk sensibilities, Goldman has released several singles since his start three years ago, coalescing in an October 2017 EP entitled Otherways.

Girls,” the closing track from Otherways, begins with a slightly off kilter guitar riff before settling in to a driving rhythm, giving it a quirky and interesting flavor. Discussing the dysfunctions inherent in relationships as well as feelings of betrayal and resentment that come with breakups, the upbeat song grooves along in direct contrast to its moody content. The lyrics convey a frustration particularly with the opposite sex: “Girls, girls, girls, always with their leaving / going on deceiving.” However, it’s safe to say that this sentiment could be translated to anyone who has been wronged in love.

Girls” is born anew with an animated music video by artist Zach Zezima. The video is a pulsating vision in brightly painted neon, representing the intricacies of intimate relationships. Both interdependence and independence are explored as the male and female bodies melt into and out of one another, with the female character ultimately walking off alone. Just before she leaves, she sits and pulls bits of skin, hair, and even a tooth from the male character, in the same way that we inevitably take pieces of our partner when we leave.


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