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Gabriel Black and Sofi De La Torre Test Each Other on ‘Jump’

LA creatives team up for an alternative blend of dark love.

Stripping the bones of what could derive from an emo track, Gabriel Black extracts this dark mood and meshes it with an alternative blend of sounds that are crisp to the ears. Enlisting the honey-eyed and swift vocals of Los Angeles’ songstress Sofi De La Torre, “Jump” cultivates a middle-ground of post-core 2000 vibes with a modern production that is earcandy for 2018.

Co-produced by  Imad Royal, “Jump” travels down the imagery of blunt lyrics, “if you jump, I’ll jump too”, assuring there isn’t a height too high for Black or De La Torre. Acting as Black’s first ever duet, the natural course of vocal plays between the two artists make this statement hard to believe. Indulging in the story of two lovers outdoing themselves for the ultimate declaration of love, the spiraling actions radiate of slight desperation. While the nature at first may seem lighthearted due to the rhythmic blend, the undertone truly comes from a darker shade.

Courtesy of the artist via Facebook

“I’m just staying true to how I feel in the moment. Right now my songs come from a darker place. I didn’t think about other people at all honestly. I am honored that people have reacted the way they have and that has been the most beautiful thing. It has given me a purpose.”

Continuing his raw and honest collection, Black’s musical styling and vulnerability are a cool glass of water that easily become appreciated from start to finish. Connecting fans and inviting new ones who swim easily between genres, Black is the bridge for various musical worlds and a fogged glass for our own reflective emotions.


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