Yoshi Flower Brings Production to Full Bloom on Debut and Elohim Collaboration

Songwriter and producer, Yoshi Flower, debuts a deconstructed track of "normal."

Detroit native and current Topanga Canyon, CA transplant, Yoshi Flower, brings his songwriting and production skills to full bloom on his debut “Movies.” Walking closer on the line of a modern production, noting exaggerated and appreciated drops, Lil Yoyo’s musical influences peak on his debut, shifting from a solid “genre.” As explained, him and his friends are “nailing the coffin closed for genre and the old constructed ‘normal.’”


The alternative track falls into the feel good mood with slacker, laid back vocals and an expansive production. Swirling into the realms of slight alt-college rock with a spritz of relaxed excitement, Yoshi Flower peaks with a younger vitality. Aside from being his own identity, the artist lives with his friend and collaborator Elohim, which he will be opening for during her North America tour in March and April.

As a taste to foresee what will be on the horizon, the two celebrate their recent single “Panic Attacks” taken off Elohim’s self-titled album, released April 27th. Opening with Yoshi Flower’s calm vocals, the story is painted of “living with God” in Topanga and “escaping to the place where all the judges lost their gavels” — jabbing at the current state of affairs and clustered climate.  Relating to a topic that most can relate to, the track not only highlights each artist separately but of the unique sound the two create together. Transitioning from verse to verse, a sputter of vocal rain drops alternate between the two and continue this electronic realm of dizziness, highlighting the anxiety that is created from an attack.

With a fresh collaboration and colorful debut under his belt, Yoshi Flower begins to carve his distinct musings for the world to hear more of as the year progresses.

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