Meditating in the Purple Rain: A Unique Music Event

A guided meditation at Sunset Sound Studios followed by a full album playback of ‘Purple Rain’. Can life get any better?

It’s been 34 years since the hip wiggling, guitar seducing, magical wizard of pop known as Prince released his sixth and arguably most famous album, Purple Rain. While it still sounds as amazing as ever, listening to Prince in the best way possible seems like a great way to get through this thing called life. Which is where the event Shavasana Disco (coming to America from London for the very first time) comes in.

Shavasana Disco marries music, meditation and amazing locations to create the best listening experience possible. Located at Sunset Sound Studios – where Prince originally recorded Purple Rain – attendees of this free event will take part in a guided meditation by Vedic meditation expert Will Williams, before soaking in the full album. What’s more, the studios will be arranged exactly as they were when Prince was recording back in 1984, creating a fully immersive and unique experience.

With a voice that would have the angels flouncing off in a jealous huff, the knack of dropping into the splits with enviable grace, and a talent for writing just about every one of your favourite songs whether you know it or not, it’s no wonder that Prince is one of music’s best loved stars. But the addition of meditation to this Prince playback adds another element, one aimed at enhancing our senses and allowing us to take in the music in a different, and more profound way.

How many of us get the opportunity to truly listen, without distraction, to the songs we love? Even for the most ardent fans, music is usually soundtrack for other things, whether that’s chatting with friends in a bar or while hard at work, with songs tinkling half-noticed in the background. This isn’t a problem of course, it just means that the chance to simply experience music can be quite hard to come by. And when we do sit down with our favourite albums, a further challenge appears in trying get out of our own heads, with the constant chatter of worries sometimes proving unignorable.

Meditation de-stresses us, and brings us into the moment. You’ll be amazed at how much more you actually hear after meditation; how much better the vocals, instruments and subtleties sound when you’ve cleared your mind, and devoted some time to nothing but enjoying the music. It’s similar to how much bright and more beautiful the world appears after something that has been worrying you is lifted from your mind – that exhilaration you feel from suddenly stepping outside of self-talk and simply being.

It’s in this way that Shavanasa takes you out of normal life and plunges you into a completely individual auditory experience – one that may well just change your perspective on a lot of things. You can apply for the Prince edition of Shavasana Disco here, and as the event is completely free, tickets are drawn at random. Successful applicants will be informed on the 24th of March. We’d love to see you there!

Featured image courtesy of Sound Opinions

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