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Ashley Koett Faces Heartbreak in a Jazzy Shade of Blue on ‘Lover’

Ashley Koett speaks what every heartbroken individual ever wanted to say against a cool undertone.

If you’ve ever loved, then most likely you have suffered a loss. As heartbreak goes, or the songs that we preoccupy our minds with go, there seems to always be a hesitation of what one truly wants to say. For Ashley Koett, the words come easily as she displays a realistic standpoint and bittersweet mourning on “lover.”

A hazy, electro-pop melody sweetly opens the track within a somber guitar chord awaiting Koett’s confession. Possessing a gorgeous vocal range, the thick and throaty effect of Koett becomes too much to swallow within the first verse. Vivid lyrics dig deep as Koett starts in conversation upon leaving her “third voice message” very well knowing that he isn’t picking up on the other end. The drunken tale slips as she reassures him that she couldn’t go home with another, honestly admitting “I want you, I don’t want him. ”


The cooler shade of blue that engulfs the track is spirited with a jazz influence primarily within Koett’s flexible vocals. Mid-way there’s a sense of loss, hurt and ultimate rolling with motions as Koett acknowledges that “you’re not my lover anymore” yet continues her hazy like state of mind, bouncing from acceptance to denial. Bright and brassy back-up vocals provide the track’s warmth and tender appeal. The lushness within Koett’s vocals melt the stirring lyrics to an utmost vision of unconditional love that emerged from one of the most fragile states.


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