WAYI ‘The Way I Am’

WAYI plants her feet firmly in the ground to love her "as is."

We all know every rose has a thorn and once pricked, the norm would be to toss it. Belgium songstress, WAYI, swiftly arrives with a confident cup of self-love and declaration to simply love “The Way I Am.” A hint of cool R&B vibes are tossed with subtle, Spanish guitars, molding a flourishing aspect of freedom.

“I almost lost myself to a man who liked me but not enough to accept me with all my flaws. Unconsciously, I started changing just to please him. Now that I’ve learned from it, I’s just say ‘fuck it’. You take the good and the bad or you leave it all!”, explains the 24 year-old singer.

Despite the track’s ultimatum, “love me the way I am or I’ll go“, WAYI discloses her true love, reassuring that this stance isn’t from a place of spite or control but purely from love. Produced by James Lowland, “The Way I Am” bubbles with fresh and exciting vibes while stirring the pot of empowerment. Opening in a slow and almost calm demeanor for the weight of the words, WAYI’s presentation instills her own lyrics: “let me remind you one thing in case you forgotten.”

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