Charlotte Day Wilson ‘Stone Woman’

CDW returns with a visual stirring stance on being cold, strength, and the art of allowing.

Since we first stumbled across Charlotte Day Wilson, we knew there was something magical about the Toronto artist. Through various singles that made us hold our breath right up to her November 2017 release, Doubt, CDW’s soulful croon and heavy, fluid thoughts created an atmosphere of anticipation. Returning with the same magic heard years ago, CDW unveils the 6-track Stone Woman and the accompanying video for the titled-track, providing more shades to the cool depth that is Charlotte.

Produced, directed and edited by Devon Little Shot, “Stone Woman” leads the latest album to a triumphant declaration of existence. Shot on 16mm in Toronto, the video offers a grainy and musky view of reality. Simply portraying CDW, using focal lights to emphasize eyes and movements, CDW’s silhouette is a firm and strong beauty that ties with the fragile undertones of the track. The direction and choice to shoot on film delivers the textured quality that stimulates a vital part of strength that echos throughout the video.

Simmering towards the end where lights and backdrops are nonexistent, a softer and natural CDW is displayed, intensifying the delicate nature of all sides of a woman. Reflectively portraying being “cold”, bouncing from the image of being made of stone, CDW’s display within this track and video is dismantling; understanding this nature and slowly allowing warmth. Musically gliding across against a persistent cranking of keys, there’s a hypnotic fluidity that swims within the soulful approach. Pairing of song and its visual counterpart shows a missing side of the artist that we haven’t yet heard or seen from prior releases, but graciously accept.

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