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There is Going to be Talk About There’s Talk’s Ethereal Joyride Video ‘Soundry’

Oakland-based trio delivers an inspiring melodic eulogy on their single and video "Soundry."

The Oakland based trio There’s Talk have been making their way through the indie circuit by crooning each audience with lead vocalist Olivia Lee’s unearthly deliverance and radiating serene effervescence that is sure to hypnotize listeners into a dreamlike trance. Emanating a melodic energy that seems to have Sufjan Stevens’ blessing, the indie/electronic dream pop effort has been garnering massive attention on Vimeo and Bandcamp since 2013 with their debut EP, Tiny Stands. By combining vocal looping, lush synthesizers, and a reverb drenched guitar, There’s Talk’s euphoric sound has catapulted them from simple garage recorded beginnings to not only touring with Glass Animals, Cigarettes After Sex and more, but also on the heels of releasing their second EP, bathed water moon.

Photo: Kristin Cofer

 Soundry” is the first single off of There’s Talk’s bathed water moon, delivering an inspired melodic eulogy for one of Lee’s friends that went onto his trip to the heavens too soon:

 “I met the host, a charismatic soul with an authoritative humor reminiscent of Jack Black: Sean Meyers,” explains Lee, “and in a short time we played an avante ambient folk show at a dive in D.C. together, contributed noises to a haunted house soundtrack, and he encouraged me to put together my first show of my own songs at The Soundry.”

“I eventually moved to San Francisco for college and Sean checked in often to hear big city tales and see when I’d come back and play. In our last exchange I promised soon. I was heartbroken to hear he had been taken too soon in a motor accident.”


The video sends the viewer into a nostalgic drive with a longed-for friend, the rainbows of the road passing by as the haunting melody and Lee’s fragile vocals become reminiscent of past conversations between two kindred spirits. On the fringe of their EP’s release, There’s Talk has a record release premiere set for March 8th at Rickshaw Stop with Topographies, Petheaven, and High & Fragile.


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