shey baba’s Hypnotic ‘Vertigo’ Will Have You Spinning

Los Angeles singer-songwriter and producer shey baba releases "Vertigo," the second single from his upcoming debut album, 'Requiem.'

Although he’s released just two singles so far, Los Angeles native shey baba has already made waves both locally and abroad, gaining air time on local radio and supporting Norwegian artist Susanne Sundfør on her North American and European tours. Combining electronic and acoustic instruments with his airy falsetto, shey baba’s work is colored with both drama and restraint. After spending two years quietly writing and composing, shey baba created Requiem, his upcoming debut album. No official release date has been set, but we cannot wait to consume more of his lush electronic melodies.

Released just over a week ago, “Vertigo” is a track as dizzyingly brilliant as the title suggests. Demure acoustic guitar tiptoes lightly over the top of a muted drum track, creating a quietly dramatic backdrop. Floating above everything is shey baba’s hypnotic falsetto, as he details a troubled, yet addictive relationship: “I never wanna feel your love again / I say it but it don’t feel right / Is it vertigo that’s keeping me up high?” With symphonic sensibility, shey baba creates beauty out of his frustration, bringing to light the paradoxical connection between pleasure and pain.

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