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La Luz Returns with Bewitching New Single “Cicada”

After relocating to Los Angeles from their native Seattle, La Luz gives us a taste of their third full-length album with "Cicada."

Having finally settled into their new homes in Los Angeles, Seattle natives La Luz are ready to hit the palm-lined streets with their sultry surf noir sound. Drawing inspiration from 50’s and 60’s soul and early rock n’ roll, La Luz combines psychedelic beach rock with tight vocal harmonies to create a bewitching sound befitting the darkest, strangest hours of the night. Going on three years since their last LP, La Luz is preparing to release their third full length album, Floating Features, in May of this year.


To tide us over until then, La Luz has gifted us a glimpse into what we can expect from their forthcoming album. “Cicada” is a tight, well produced track with all the garage rock charm of La Luz’s past work. The group’s ethereal vocal harmonies and woozy guitar licks float over an staccato drum beat, creating a sound that is both urgent and dreamy.

Perhaps the best part of the single is the video, which consists of a fake title sequence from an absurdist soap opera, filmed in the classic 90s soap style. Starring the band members and special guests, it comes complete with nuns, evil twins, and the worst wigs you’ve ever seen. The video runs through a series of ridiculously incongruous situations, including a candlelit seance, a marriage proposal, a choreographed fight, and an ATV race somewhere in the desert. Melodramatic close-ups tie the package together with a serious Twin Peaks sensibility.

One listen and you may think you’ve stumbled into a 60’s beach party monster movie. You’ll be doing the mashed potato in no time.

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