Olivia Nelson ‘Smother Me’

London-based artist, Olivia Nelson, takes a gospel-lead and makes you fall in love for the first time.

Peaking on Soulection’s Jarreau Vandal track, “Someone That You Love,” London-based songwriter Olivia Nelson broke through with a refreshing light it made you crave more. Almost as if hearing our prayers, Nelson returns with a sensual touch of infatuation on her single “Smother Me.” Cooly produced by Jarreau Vandal, “Smother Me” not only pushes Nelson as a contemporary songwriter, but a potent voice of passion.

Only being 21, the artist displays the weight of a seasoned lover, affectionately skidding across Vandal’s eclectic blend. Emerging from the styles of R&B, modern sounds sways the track to a polished platform of riveting soul. Nelson further explains the track as “experiencing infatuation and falling in love for the first time. Feeling like the wind could carry you away in one sweep, like nothing else matters. Like you’re weightless and everything in the world is suddenly brighter,” honing in on the insanely addictive hook of not getting enough. She continues, “I wrote this from an honest place and I wanted the music to reflect the powerfulness of that feeling. Even though the feeling of love is light, its also heavy at the  same time because your words and actions carry so much weight.”

With a debut EP due out early summer, there’s an irresistible amount of endearment that separates singers from artists, clearly drawing the line for Nelson.

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