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Ruth Koléva ‘I Don’t Know Why’

Bulgarian artist Ruth Koleva styles contemporary jazz with the duality of love, preparing the arrival of her sophomore album.

Love is the most abstract, crazy, and gorgeous element that it continues to have humans throw it under a microscope for answers. When the opinionated, truth of the matter is there’s really not an answer. Bulgarian artist Ruth Koleva illustrates the insane halt and constant flipping of the coin on her latest release “I Don’t Know Why.” The soulful and fresh, jazz composition ponders with questions of staying, going, and the selfish line of hope, “Will you wait for me to learn from my mistakes,” which plays on the track’s depth.

Daring breaks chop and skew the disposition of the song through the change of tempo that mirrors the duality of insecurity and love. The added amount of funk coolly splashes color, creating a fuller aesthetic of sound. It easily becomes a hypnotic rolls of groove that is lacquered of the finest quality of contemporary styling and sensual vocals.

Since her debut album and receiving the top prize at the BG Radio Awards in 2014, Koleva has cultivated an aesthetic with jazz and R&B that anticipates the arrival of her sophomore album, Confidence.Truth, set for release on March 30th. The album will feature Ron Avant (Anderson .Paak) on keys, Jameel Bruuner (The Internet) on synths, and Gene Coye (Flying Lotus) on drums,  the work of the Sofia Philharmonic Orchestra and was produced by Gueorgiu Linev (Kan Wakan).



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