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The Altons ‘Gotcha’

Dripping with blues and soul, The Altons beautifully depict heartbreak.

Los Angeles sweethearts, The Altons, unveil their latest heartthrob “Gotcha” and dabbles inwards of the passion, and hurt of love. Smoldering vocals intertwine with the grainy textures that slowly trickle in and stirs the leftover thoughts. Despite the track’s gradual, blues-rock start, this isn’t a flat line of sounds nor emotions. The Altons bring life to a time and place everyone has been through and somehow acts as the soulful resolution.

The multi-layered composure of the track offers a deeper, reflective echo as frontwoman Adriana Flores sensually glides the words, “Kick me down, love is your tool” across silky guitar chords. As the momentum builds, “Gotcha” rises to a roar that is felt through each member, noting heavier drum fills and a richer guitar to complement Flores’ passionate tone.

The locals latest Sofar Los Angeles performance is a testament of the track’s weight, graciously delivering a flawless performance. Stirring the melting musings of deceit and love by the final, repetitive line “Must’ve done something wrong, having you by my side” illustrate’s the band’s natural, hypnotic energy that radiates from them.

With only two years actively in the LA music scene, The Altons’ cooling display truly makes them an act to admire and to continue to watch as the years begin to unravel.

Cover photo: Sade.IMG


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