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Odina ‘Nothing Makes Sense’

Odina returns with unraveled lyricism that sets the tone for her forthcoming EP.

Covered in whimsical and sensitive coatings, London-based, Spanish folk-singer Odina returns with a minimalist structure filled with heavy pondering. Angelically crooning over the plucks and warm tone of an acoustic, “Nothing Makes Sense” revolves around musings that come late at night when all you have is a pen and paper in hand. The opening lines, “I don’t love you anymore / Or maybe I don’t love myself,” offers a raw sense of uncertainty that allows for traces of wisdom to echo back in time.

Odina explains, “This song is about feeling confused, about overthinking life, death, and everything else. It tries to look at some questions to which there are no answers, while at the same time arriving at the realization that there will never be an answer to them, and coming to accept that.”


While Odina’s lyricism is left to appreciate and look back after, there’s a sense of optimism that breathes through the horn section, resonating to Odina’s sense of “acceptance.” As the climatic strums come to a winding end, Odina’s final lines “And tomorrow I’ll wish / It was yesterday” not only speak to the human level that we each possess and at times ignore, but of ironically of a centered happiness in the now, amidst of all the confusion.

Taken from her EP, Nothing Makes Sense, expected to be released later this year.

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