Oddnesse ‘Are You Down’

Rebeca Arango enraptures listeners with her tone and becomes lost in a dream prism on the latest Oddnesse video, "Are You Down."

Rebeca Arango enraptures a charming tone that it becomes hard to not instantly be transported to a hazy dream upon hearing her voice. The same is to say on the latest Oddnesse track “Are You Down” and even more so on its visual counterpart. Teaming up with Los Angeles producer, Grey Goon, the track’s silky soft textures crosses sweetly into lo-fi, indie boundaries.

“I call this my “Piña Colada” song (in reference to the Rupert Holmes ditty). The question of going “slow” isn’t about romantic pacing per se, it’s more about generally moving slow, never rushing to pack in too much all at once or getting anxious about “missing out,” and preferring to sink in and explore the depths of all things,” explains Arango on the track.

Directed by Thaddeus Ruzicka, the video’s extraction of this lo-fi and hazy fusion plays on the track’s dream like nature, showcasing Arango getting lost in a “dream prism.” As Arango cascades through various scenes, each one more beautiful then the next, there’s a sense of disconnect and lack that begins to emerge to Arango’s senses. Anxiety and distrust flood Arango’s face through clever shots of interaction with the camera as we see her line of reality is now blurred.

Ruzicka’s simple yet off the wall approach to Oddnesse’s track highlights Arango’s multi-layered vocals and presence not yet seen. Overall paring it with the production of Goon, “Are You Down” is a promising musical exploration of what is yet to come from Oddnesse.


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