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Knox White’s ‘You’ve Been My Girl’ is a Dance-worthy Taste of What’s to Come

Knox White's debut single "You've Been My Girl" will have you dancing out your love woes in seconds flat.

You can’t get any fresher than electro-pop artist Knox White. After an uninspiring stint in Los Angeles as a bartender with singer-songwriter dreams, he moved to New Orleans to do his musical homework, which consisted of playing with some seriously talented veteran musicians across the city, learning genres from jazz to calypso. With this unconventional education under his belt, Knox White has recently returned to the West Coast to give his career another try. As he prepares to release his debut self-titled EP in July, he has gifted us a delicious taste of what’s to come.

Released today, White’s debut single “You’ve Been My Girl” is a catchy track with notes of the New Orleans style cultivated during his time there. A driving drum track gives the song an irresistibly danceable beat while funky, bluesy synth lends it an updated retro feel. Layered over this, White’s soulful voice paints a picture of a romance that should have been: “You say your mind is made up, but constantly changes all the time / Just like the seasons.” White pours out his frustrations about a problem that many millennials know all too well – dating in the age where putting a label on a relationship seems about as easy as pulling teeth. Thankfully, Knox White is here to help you dance out the pain.

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