Kadija Kamara ‘Nothing Left To Lose’

London songstress returns with a stirring EP and soulful unearthing on her lead track.

Kadija Kamara is an embodiment of retro-soul, polished in a class all of her own. London songstress dazzles us once again with her latest EP, and more importantly with her titled track “Nothing Left to Lose.” With the intensity built to stand alone, the title track cannot be justified with only one listen and opens the EP, full bloom.

Heavy guitar chords trickle down a bluesy path while Kamara’s liquid gold vocals coat the track’s entirety. Chemically reacting to this smoldering blend of soul and spurts of psychedelic rock, there’s a heartfelt core of strong songwriting that reveals more of Kamara since her last release.

6 Kadija Kamara Press (Credit Garry Carbon) re 178_preview (1)
Photo: Garry Carbon

The rest of the EP carries a well-textured span of sounds that highlight Kamara’s musical influences while still maintaining a modern production. “Running in The Name of The Game” and “Eyes on You” reveal more of a pop polish sound; keeping momentum alive for the middle of the EP. Closing with the sensual and angelic track “Like You“, it’s clear that this EP unearthed a side of Kamara that is beautiful in every way.

From arrangements to vocal peaks, Kamara captures different sides to one feeling while staying true to her image. Simply put, Kamara is a talent that make us excited for not only more releases, but music in general.

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