Esbie Fonte ‘Aces High’

Esbie Fonte tackles isolation, chasing dreams and the monotony of a 9-5.

Through different exposures of scenery and teachings, Esbie Fonte‘s musical pallet became immersed at a young age, not only musically but through a conscious awareness of wanting more. Acclimated to the struggle of a musician — watching her multi-instrumentalist father find his own way through bluegrass and folk — Fonte taps into these honest and reflective ideals on her track “Aces High.”

“After I finished school I moved to LA by myself and started working in music. I wrote ‘Ace’s High’ shortly afterward capturing my current isolation, the monotony and imprisonment of an office job, and the jaded side of the entertainment industry,” explains Fonte.

Stretching over 5 minutes, “Aces High” is more than a theoretical gamble, making note of visually stirring content such as, “So fade tonight, and I am compromised, I am surrounded by those of you who drop like flies“, but also of a gain that is almost begging to be found. Fonte’s vulnerability slowly seeps out as the lump in her throat restrains her emotive vocals. The track’s acoustic feedback raises the pop-fused melody and by the track’s delayed break, “Aces High” takes a contemporary route. Unraveling into an expressive clause of wanting more, “Aces High” becomes a refined foundation of sound for Fonte to build upon this year.




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