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Maya Kally’s Debut Single Wishes to Fall in Love, ‘Another Time’

Maya Kally debuts a soulful fusion of pop and jazz.

Gentle and remorseful keys start their journey as Maya Kally‘s raspy vocals croon of the past. The London songstress’s debut single “Another Time” takes a listener into Kally’s personal memory that is chiseled with a raw composition and insightful sound of jazz and pop. Disclosing that “Another Time” was recorded about two and half weeks after Kally had throat surgery, the artist explains that it felt “natural” at the time, an element of urgency that comes across bittersweet throughout the 3 minutes. Lyrically, Kally doesn’t hold anything back and the confessional words of “Another Time” offers glimmers of hope rattled against the sea of emotions: “I’ll fall in love with you another time, when we’re both better.”


Kally explains further,

“‘Another Time’ is a raw depiction of those uncontrollable emotions you feel towards someone; you wish for them to disappear and it hurts more than anything when they don’t. Now when I read the lyrics to ‘Another Time’, I realise they are as much about my own actions, as they are about hers.”

As the track holds its own beauty, the visual counterpart for “Another Time” is a tangible representation of the those “uncontrollable” emotions that do seep out. Choreographed by Imogen Molly Reeve and Marie Sophie Köhl, the fluidity and movement that was set forth between dancers Jasmine Christine Søgaard Gordon and Kate Forster is a flawless tug of restraint and love. Gordon and Foster attempt closure, pausing at the simple hint of touch, living in the now until the track closes.

With a soulful fusion of sounds and a sense of realism, Kally debuts on a strong platform built for many successful, future releases this year.

Maya Kally Tour Dates

2nd February 2018 // Instrumental at Inkwell, Leeds // Doors open 7:30pm
6th February 2018 // The Domino, Leeds // Doors open at 8:30pm
22nd March 2018 // The Chemic Tavern, Leeds // Doors open at 7:30pm
7th June 2018 // Live Music at Monkey Nuts, London // Doors open at 6:30pm
20 July 2018 // Leeds Jazz Festival, Leeds // Music Starts at 2pm

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