New Noise: Production in 2018

2018 is coming in strong, specifically with productions. Here is who to keep tabs on.

Mae MullerJenny

British songstress, Mae Muller, releases a brassy amount of attitude with her latest song “Jenny.” Horns open up the track with a slight sincere and heavy mood until Muller unleashes the relentless truth about her cheating ex-boyfriend. Instead of stirring into a realm of hurt, Muller gracefully skids over embarrassing factors as she runs into one of his “girls.” Confidence drips throughout the track into a cool production that is meshed by Muller’s self-worth and the track’s tense horns. Muller’s debut EP, After Hours, drops February 6.

Illsamartwenty twenty” Feat. Marcus Lee

Illsamar continues her momentum of individualized tracks with her latest shade of inverted inspiration, “twenty twenty.” The Wontel production features the LA-based rapper contemplating with past and present as she reflectively finds reassurance. As of late the artist has been dipping into a melancholy aroma and continues with a similar shade on “twenty twenty” but refines it with a stronger, more modern flow and delivery. Marcus Lee’s versatile tone complements the track’s overall feel and molds nicely to Illsamar’s range, only anticipating future releases from the evolving artist.


Brock BerriganDo It Again

East Coast beat maker, Brock Berrigan, smoothly releases another chill-hop track to add to any type of playlist. “Do It Again” delivers a huge amount of soul intertwined with a laid back atmosphere, embodying a peaceful state of mind. Simply isn’t a mesh of samples but a stylized structure sounds that invokes a gorgeous feeling while effortlessly displaying Berrigan’s keen ear.


Minneapolis trio NADINE — Nadia Hulett, Julian Fader and Carlos Hernandez — are easily a band on the rise this year with the release of their third single “Pews.” The multi-layered percussion based track is a quirky mesh of repetition carried by Hulett’s soft and at times, sing-song approach. Intangible and inviting, the track’s underlying experimental vibes find a warm heart under the indie umbrella. Oh My is out 1/26 via Father/Daughter Records.


London artist, Bearcubs, returns with a moodier electronic track that shows off production, vocals, and what is to come off the artist’s debut album, ‘Ultraviolet‘ on March 2nd. “Landslide” carries traditional future-electro samples, soothing vocals, but one of the best breaks and constructions that truly picks apart the ethereal vibes Bearcubs weaved towards the second half of the track. Sharp transitions and a lively flow that sets off the new year.

CMON “Good to Know

Los Angles-based duo, CMON — Josh Da Costa and Jamen Whitelock — step away from previous work as Regal Degal and evolve as the CMON. Flourishingly from an obvious 80s electronic/dance-spiration, “Good to Know” picks up by the first minute with guitar screeches, and a heavy bass. The production’s fluidity allows for an indiscreet evolution by the break highlighting crunchy brass that gives the track a complete make-over by the end. An overall clean track that can be added to any “feel good” playlist.



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