Spelles Reemerges With a Sinister Blues Passion on ‘Light Me On Fire’

LA powerhouse, Spelles, breaks into 2018 with a sickening allure.

Powerful vocals murmur and hesitantly restrain the girth of emotion against an hauntingly repetitive drum beat on the latest Spelles single, “Light Me On Fire.” The pop weaved track bursts within minutes of play, cutting its core on a blues-rock inspiration. Since the release of the LA’s artist last single, “Teach Me How to Pray“, there has always been a heavier aspect to Spelles’ construction. Self-classified as “tribal” and “spooky”, Spelles plays with these elements gracefully. Regardless of the obvious talent that Spelles possesses, what makes this track specifically addicting is the insane amount of vocal control that takes the production by the horns. Steering in a somewhat assertive direction, “Light Me On Fire” embodies the choice of staying.

Slowly peaking throughout 2017, Spelles’ allure and heavier tone that somehow crosses alternative pop seemed not to rise with the current line of production. Yet, with this mesh of genres, and sinister poise that falls peacefully upon listening, Spelles is an artist that I am sure will break out in 2018, as she is a must to keep on your radar.

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