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Porcelain Pale ‘Alma Martyr’

Porcelain Pale develop as a band and in sound on their latest release "Alma Martyr."

Straying away from a diluted, hazy sound, Porcelain Pale returns with a refreshing single to add to their discography. “Alma Martyr“, via CupaDella Records, takes the La Puente-based band to a more serious platform than previously heard. Connecting an internal struggle with an ambient release, “Alma Martyr” descends from various elements into an overall cohesive sound.

Photo: Andy Rayner

“The past few years have been a huge lesson that I feel I’ve graduated from. However, in the process, I had to sacrifice my happiness, my family, and my ego in order to move forward,” explains frontman, Andy Rayner. On the note of moving forward, it is obvious that the band have developed themselves, now becoming a four-piece with the latest addition of Maxx Diaz on bass who eloquently provides a fuller sound.

Through the track’s tight precision and trickles of experimentation, Porcelain Pale have found a balance within these sounds. “Alma Martyr” relies more on Rayner’s vocals and Roger Lopez’s drumming in the first half of the track until the collective bursts by the seam’s, heard on the sensory break of keys provided by Adrian Arroyo.

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