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Carmody ‘The Ways Of Your Love’

Carmody finishes a successful 2017 with the memorizing, loving ballad "The Ways Of Your Love."

Since her solo-debut single, “Skin“, there has been an obsession on this end with the London songstress Carmody. This genuine love is not only for her angelic vocal quality that can both calm and stir up an array of emotions on the spectrum, but for the constant change Carmody unravels while developing as one of the best songwriter’s I’ve come across in the last few years.

Courtesy of the artist

On her latest release, “The Ways Of Your Love“, Carmody follows a similar ‘heart’- revolving around love – tugging at every memory and building upon a classical arrangement for a beautiful ballad.  The Jasper Tygner production is modern enough to be digested but becomes fuller through the string arrangement, carefully constructed by Tobie Tripp. Piecing the anguish and everlasting lull, this is where Carmody’s vivid storytelling comes into full bloom:  “My words find their way back to you every time / My words collect in lines for you / Still hard to define.”

“I wanted to write about the electricity you can have with someone even though you have nothing in common,” says Carmody, concluding: “Go where your body takes you, sometimes.”


Sonically haunting and memorizing, listeners may find themselves hanging on to the curves of Carmody’s words.


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