Gibberish ‘Feet Wet’

Los Angeles duo Gibberish drips psychedelic-pop in a slow bucket of layered textures.

Echoing a weightless texture of sound, LA-based duo Gibberish gently tread insecure waters with their latest track “Feet Wet.” Taken from their 2017 album, Kneehigh, which is a collection of futuristic dreams, Derek and Lorie Bromley gently make their own way in the Los Angeles music scene with a fitting track.

Originally forming in their spare bedroom in Arkansas, the duo began with a minimalistic arrangement of looping drums, with Lorie on bass and keys, and Derek adding the finalized melody. Kneehigh glides on electronic beds utilizing their original structure but truly opens into a thicker dreampop realm which “Feet Wet” seems to embody.

“The new album Kneehigh was written right after we moved from Arkansas to Los Angeles,” the duo explains. “It’s about being in a sort of survival mode that we also felt was mirrored in a lot of ways by society at large around this time.”

With such a spacey opening, the track slowly drips into a bucket of psychedelic-pop.  As “Feet Wet” submerges further into the abyss, tranquility washes upon the ears. Not to say it mends isolated thoughts but through the continuous use of layers, the sound’s reflection highlights internal issues that are peacefully resolved by the end.

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