J.W.J. ‘Ways to Go’

J.W.J.'s production on "Ways to Go" almost finds peace amongst the static noise

The Los Angeles-based artist and producer, Jeremy Jones – better known as J.W.J – grew up surrounded by music, first lending his ability to the viola, violin and finally, singing in church and musicals. Despite the restriction of mainstream music in his Jamaican household, Jones’ journey to wet his pallet with different senses and sounds soon began. Taking influential notes from the likes of Radiohead, Kanye, and N.E.R.D, Jones extracted the method of blending and experimenting to translate these tangible traditions into abstract feelings.

On his latest release, we see Jones comfortably become J.W.J. and fully embrace his agile and innovative mind. Naturally relying on delivery and the intensity of bending notes from a classical music upbringing, J.W.J.’s production on “Ways to Go” almost finds peace amongst the static noise. Its R&B bones are built with a crate digger’s motive, alone strong enough for Jones’ soulful delivery. “Ways to Go” isolates time stamps, musically and in life, with traces of hope bubbling to the surface. Subtle changes throughout the track not only reflect Jones’ detailed ear but outlook for humans balancing on a teetering ledge.


Beautifully wrapping up the track into a bleeding tempo switch, “Ways to Go” is Jones’ own time-stamp of movement and success into the new year.

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