Native Sun Shares New Single ‘I Don’t Mind,’ Debut EP Out 11/17

Native Sun

Picture taken by @utopiantiff at The Gateway NY on Nov, 4th 2017

Native Sun, the Brooklyn New York based rock band releases an impressive EP Single “I Don’t Mind” that will surly leave you energized and wanting more. This electrifying band of new up-and-coming artists consists of frontman Danny Gomez, guitarist Jake Plufm, Alexis Castro on the drums and Mo Martinez playing Bass. Upon listening to this track my initial reaction was that they somewhat reminded me of The Rolling Stones with a more punk rock twist. The stimulating guitar seems to keep up with the rhythm and beat finely, not to mention how the drumming really ties everything together. Alexis Castro claims to have been self taught in drumming and newly experienced when first joining the band, this came as a surprise to me since not only does he sound amazing but he definitely makes a vital addition to the sound that creates Native Sun. It is in fact true that every individual member brings something to the table that is sensational. When asked about the motives that drove the composition of “I Don’t Mind,” Native Sun responded with a great interpretation of what the song is truly about:

“… an answer of celebration to nihilism, masochism, and lust. How can one celebrate dark themes for further truth. Sonically it’s interesting because it seems like it takes you on a journey. It starts as this rough street stomper that then takes a turn with the more atmospheric bridge that shows indirect influences from Tomorrow Never Knows by The Beatles or late 70s Bowie.

I found these guys to be not only passionate about their music, but also very authentic. These being incredibly important traits of successful artists that are often lacked in many. In a monotone society filled with premeditated tunes and overstimulated audiences, I’m sure you will find that Native Sun is a breath of fresh air! They will have you rocking out and wishing they played next live at your local venue, in due time I hope! Songs Born from Love and Hate releases November 17th via PaperCup Music & Buen Dia Records you can pre-order it now.


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