Kan Wakan’s ‘Tuesday’ is an Autumnal Lullaby

As we await the release of Kan Wakan’s epic triple LP Phantasmagoria, the Bulgarian-born composer has treated us once again to a gorgeous preview of what’s to come. Kan Wakan’s newest single “Tuesday” is a piece perfect for the quiet contemplation of the cooler, darker months. Using autumn as a metaphor for the transience of love, the song recalls the wispy remains of a bygone relationship: “Whispering your name / Leaves rustling in the breeze.” Featuring the demurely blended voices of cowriters Rachel Fannan and Avi Buffalo, “Tuesday” rises and falls in urgency throughout, but it never loses it’s muted tone. Like soft gusts of wind, assorted string instruments join in and then quietly die down, leaving nothing but an afterimage.

Although it was previously slated for a fall release, there remains no official word on a release date for Phantasmagoria. However, from what we’ve heard so far, it’s sure to be well worth the wait. For now, we’ll welcome the dark November days, warm drink in hand, encircled in the luscious sounds of Kan Wakan’s newest treasure.

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