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The No.44 Debuts EP ‘Venus Eye Trap’

The No. 44 have built quite a momentum for themselves with their dynamic performances and energetic psychedelic scuzz. Finally the Pomona locals – Dan Gee, Evan Achen, Dustin Fernandez, and Evan Lomnitzer – have released their debut EP, Venus Eye Trap and will celebrate tonight in Downtown Pomona at Acerogami alongside Inland Empire acts, Daydream Time Machine and Children, presented by Pomona Revival.

Venus Eye Trap opens with the rolling collection of sounds and perfect welcoming track, “Better Times in Higher Places (But These Times Are Okay Too)” that truly sets the soundscape and state of mind of the EP. The track possesses a welcoming energetic pull that spirals to its polished ending, featuring harmonizing breaks that lighten up the tone and keeps its fresh flavor embedded in the neo-psych body. The No.44’s personality seeps on this track and continues onwards “Crystalline.”

Chimes of unpredictability and eerie behaviors cling on “Crystalline,” and once again features beautiful, and isolated harmonizing with peaks of vocal exasperation that ultimately makes this a personal favorite. Countering any hints of a heavy disposition, “Two Conversations (At The Same Time)” adds a bright, and pop-filled chorus to the weight of Venus Eye Trap; cleverly balancing the band’s versatility. Ultimately, the chimes bleed into the final track “Messiah Society.” Chopped and stitched on an alternative-rock base of bones, “Messiah Society” once again highlights the band’s keen ear of placement and presentation. The final track’s breaks and tempo changes add a volt to the listener – praising bass and drums specifically which eventually circle back to The No.44’s fast paced experimental roots.

Venus Eye Trap is a well awaited possession for music lover’s to experience the band’s charismatic tone, energy, and playful construction heard through various musical breaks throughout the 16 minute span. A well-sounding blend of alternative and experimental theory that doesn’t weigh down with repetition nor bland breaks, The No.44 delivers their spirited sound and more on Venus Eye Trap.

Stream Venus Eye Trap on all major platforms and catch them tonight in Pomona at the Acerogami.

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