Whispertown Wants Us to Feel Our Feelings with “Can’t Stop Cryin'”


Morgan Nagler, the singer-songwriter and self-expressed hippie optimist behind Whispertown, has come a long way to finish her newest full length release, I’m A Man. After losing her voice entirely to a vocal polyp during the recording process, the former child actor had to turn to speech therapy, relearning to both speak and sing. Thankfully, Nagler has returned stronger than before and touting a powerful message with I’m A Man. A perplexing title, surely, but it’s not about gender. In fact, it’s about reestablishing human connection in an age where digital communication is often favored over in-person contact. It’s about transcending the nominal differences that separate us and connecting as a species.

This emphasis on our similarities is rampant in Whispertown’s latest single, “Can’t Stop Cryin’.” In the black and white video for the song, Nagler takes a languid ride through a nameless town. As the street rushes by behind her, thought bubbles pop up over her head containing classic movie scenes of actors in particularly emotional moments, ranging from dramatic to downright campy. Intercut with these shots are close ups of Nagler’s expressive face, as she oscillates between joy, despair, anger and other more unidentifiable emotions at an alarming rate. By relating the actors in these scenes to her own experiences and those of passersby, Nagler establishes such grandiose floods of emotion as a unifying factor in the human experience.

Moreover, “Can’t Stop Cryin’” expresses the fact that crying is often the only reaction we can muster when inundated with emotion. Nagler clearly voices this feeling of overwhelm in her lyrics, “I can’t stop cryin’, because I feel / Happy or sad, or wonderfully mad / I can’t stop cryin’ for the times we’ve had.” This strikingly frank statement projects a simple truth – often there is no “right” reaction, and we just need to let it out, whatever it is. Sometimes, crying can be the best medicine. Perhaps it can even bring us closer together.

Rachel is a freelance boom operator and full-time music lover. When she's not holding her arms above her head for hours, she’s digging around for new music and buying ALL the concert tickets.

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