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[Live Session]: Mind Monogram ‘Dark Matter Theory’

Mind Monogram displays a weightless stance on their live session performance for "Dark Matter Theory."

A year ago, it seemed that Mind Monogram was consistently playing catch-up to their current line-up, state of mind, and state of sound. Recently, the Los Angeles 4-piece unveiled their first installment, “Dark Matter Theory,” from their forthcoming sophomore LP, Ivory Hall. Dipping back from their usual dreamy, melodic wave, the track’s gentle opening and harder experimental nature operates as a heavy redefinition of what is to come. Edgar A. Ruiz, Christian Caro, Bryan Mejia, and Billy Azurdia once again deconstruct to reintroduce themselves, cleverly foreshadowing the LP’s intent with “Dark Matter Theory’s” echoing lyrical core, “I see the future.” Seen as the premonition of a “catastrophic event” and “the aftermath,” Mind Monogram’s re-centered sound is a cosmic enlightenment of an almost freeing disarray of overdue harmony.

Capturing this newly found freedom, the monogram men isolated themselves and wrapped up Ivory Hall in a week, fleeing to Cabin Song Studios with Director Seth Halko. Dismantling ideas and savoring each moment through live sessions, Mind Monogram once again shuffles any perspective already carved through Halko’s non-traditional and simplistic approach.

Placement and direction in the video strays from the norm, focusing on Mejia’s drums, while Ruiz weaves in and out of focus through each verse. Sonically, Ruiz’s vocals take center stage on different platforms; progressive, playful, and at times hesitantly makes you comfortable. Intimate shots of the band douse the video, tipping the focus in an honest display as each member’s instrumentation mimic this black force being birthed and destroyed simultaneously.

Although “Dark Matter Theory” echoes that of a darker wave of progression for Mind Monogram, the direction of the video carries the mass that is too heavy to hold or put down. An uncovered performance that finishes with a weightless polish effortlessly shows the duality of Mind Monogram and only heightens the anticipation for Ivory Hall.


Produced by Hypercolor, directed by Seth Halko

Photos: Seth Halko

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