Miya Folick ‘Give It To Me’

Miya Folick finds her own value in "Give It To Me."

There’s a sense of completion and almost spiritual resolution found within Miya Folick and her latest video for the track “Give It To Me.” Prominently drenched in 90s alternative rock, the track itself builds against heavily distorted guitar chords while Folick’s strenuous sirens and fierce execution throughout the chorus gives the track life. The Los Angeles artist weaves through a quaint and somber opening to a proclamatory anthem that carries more weight than the standout lyrics “I want you to give me one more chance.” Folick remarked on her Facebook page that while some might think this a track about a chance of second love, the track is actually about “recognizing your worth and demanding it.”

The sentiment is better felt through the stunning video. Effortlessly depicted with Folick simply riding a rollercoaster, the video’s direction focuses on Folick going through each twist, climb, and fall as she revisits her thoughts. There’s a moment during the fall where Folick embraces it, without fear or weary originally seen within the opening verse. The symbolic display of life is remarkably displayed through the vivacious emotions that encapsulate each scene. Folick doesn’t hold anything back and the perspective of who she is demanding this chance from shifts from another to herself as her value unfolds and clarity is created, not found.

Miya Folick’s highly anticipated EP, Give It To Me, set to be released November 3rd via Interscope Records (Terrible Records).





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