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A Shadow of Jaguar Release Debut LP, ‘Raw’

“You told me its okay, but / I don’t believe anything, well / you just can never be to sure / Cant’ seem to figure it out, well / were all just going down, well/ I want more give me more!” These are a few of the many captivating lyrics sung by A Shadow of Jaguar in their new song “I Don’t Want to Die Here,” off their Debut Album Raw. The music video, which was released on September 29th, consists of dancing by Cara Diaz Certosimo in front of an alternating background creating the perfect balance of aesthetic and pure musical energy.

The underrated Rock duo that makes up this brilliant band, Brian Hubert and Andrew Oakley, spoke to me on “Sex, Drugs and Rock & SOUL!” I could not have chosen a better name for the album title other then Raw; for it truly lives up to its potential. Within the first few minutes of listening it was brought to my attention the way the guitar and vocals merged seeming as if one, depending on the tone of voice was the speed and length of the guitar riffs. This is incredibly crucial to the sound that A Shadow of Jaguar projects. Another important entity that stood out to me was the message behind the producer. Nowadays music seem to be selling a listener beats over true authentic lyrical material, which is not the case with Raw.

Throughout the album these grand young artists made sure to rattle things up with lyrics clearly about love, drugs, conformity, existentialism and realizing we all need to be humble individuals. Initially I found myself thinking, “In an alternate reality where Led Zeppelin’s Jimmy Page and Artic Monkeys Alex Turner had to raise a child, this child would become what is now know as the band A Shadow of Jaguar.” Although an obscure thought, it is apparent the Classical Rock and Psychedelic influences these guys have picked up, forming a very original modern sound. For any music enthusiast out there that may be contemplating the validity of “Today’s Hits” I can assure you after giving these guys a listen you will not be disappointed. This rebellious yet uplifting pair makes me regain hope that Rock and Roll may not be dead after all.

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