GEO ‘Better’ Feat. Gabriela Francesca & Rex Mac

LA producer, GEO, showcases unconditional love through a neo-soul craft.

Los Angeles producer, GEO, offers a sense of unconditional love in the form of a neo-soul production on his latest track “Better.” The lovingly melody and sweet sentiments are beautifully carried by girlfriend and artist, Gabriela Francesca, and reassured by Boston-based hip-hop artist Rex Mac. Dynamically pairing the exquisite, lush delivery by Francesca’s vocals with that of Mac’s low and monotoned flow, somehow pulls both spectrum’s of “Better” to surface. Stripping away any doubt and circling around this endless creation and delivery of  love, Francesca assures that despite it all “I’m only going to love you better.” Soulfully emphasizing on the better aspect, the production reaches into the lyrics’ heart and pulls out the innocence, child-like heart, playfully skidding across flute, keys, and a gorgeous production.

Throughout the growth of the song, there’s never a dull moment to the track’s charisma and exaggerated scuttle of sounds, right down to the track’s misleading ending. An expansive amount of heart was crafted within this track, which is obvious, and tastefully displayed by the reaction of this collaboration.

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