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Todavia ‘Fallen’

Dreamy, amorous, and minimally designed, Todavia's "Fallen" stems from two lines outwards of Riesgo's mind.

Courtesy of “Fallen”

Dreampop weaver, Rhyan Riesgo, multi-instrumentalist of Todavia illustrates different perspectives through the lens of the moniker and the person, on the video “Fallen“, taken off her 2017 album, Shyness.  The amorous and dreamy track, filmed and edited by Elijah Reynozo, takes Todavia’s Riesgo to a velvety canvas of thoughts. “Fallen” stems two lines outwards from the mind of Riesgo circling around the perspectives of reality and fear.  These minimalist lines of a haunting past are muffled under the dreamy chords and fabricated lines of shoegaze draw out the astral textures as Riesgo continues to ask, “Who else is running? / Who is else is hiding?”



The visual counterpart to the track’s already ethereal composition once again clearly highlights the artist from the person. We see disembodiment and an out of body experience through the video’s blurred portrayal while Riesgo continues the album’s homage of “alienation” and “social anxiety.” Built from this very simple and clean direction, “Fallen” ironically takes Riesgo out from the shadows she has placed herself in, and slowly begins to separate from Todavia – not like an outgrown pair of shoes, but as an appreciation of herself, the art, and comfort in both.

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