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California based producer Justin Jay returns with his album ‘Home’ following the success of his debut album ‘Fantastic Voyage’.


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California based producer Justin Jay returns with his album ‘Home’ following the success of his debut album ‘Fantastic Voyage’. The album was greatly received by labels such as DirtyBird, Emerald City, and Free Range. After a circuit of international tour dates, the producer felt overwhelmed with stress and anxiety. Justin decided to take time for himself, retreating into his own mind resulting in the work ‘Home’. Struggling to identify with his earlier work, Justin Jay reshaped the way he approached his music. Rather than building a track, he resorted to writing songs that reflected his introspective mind set. His lack of studio gear lead him to record thoughts and melodies via his iPhone, creating a raw and urgent expression of his feelings. Opening up and inviting others in the album creation process, Jay took his isolated works in ‘Home’ and redefined the works through collaboration.

A specific track, “Flowers,” is a great example of his latest work. A loop of plucking strings and gentle guitar lead the song, later developing into a sonic soundscape. As Justin sings “flowers grow in the rain” he echoes a melody of acceptance. He doesn’t necessarily need to be okay and is taking a moment to recognize his emotional state. As Justin Jay emerges from his isolated experience and launches new music to the world, the producer feels more energized and fully realized than ever before.

Listen to Justin Jay’s ‘Home’ here:

Be sure to check out his tour dates below:

October 21 – Santa Barbara, CA – EOS Lounge Compound

November 7 – Fort Collins, CO – Hodi’s Half Note

November 8 – Denver, CO – Bar Standard

November 9 – Salt Lake City, UT – Elevate

November 10 – Las Vegas, NV – Vinyl at Hard Rock Hotel Casino

November 17 – Brooklyn, NY – Good Room*

November 19 – Chandler, AZ – GoldRush*

November 24 – San Francisco, CA – Great American Music Hall

November 25 – Los Angeles, CA – Teragram Ballroom

December 8 – Austin, TX – The Parish

December 9 – Dallas, TX – Lizard Lounge

December 14 – Anaheim, CA – The Parish at House of Blues

December 31- South Lake Tahoe, CA – SnowGlobe Music Festival

January 6-10 – Port Canaveral, FL – Holy Ship 10.0

*DJ Sets


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