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Carmody ‘Like That’

Carmody returns with a ballad of sentiments and coldness on her latest track "Like That."

London artist, Carmody, returns with an artistic etch of time and love with her new single “Like That.” The Jasper Tygner production of simplistic structures allows for Carmody’s soul to speak louder on the track than previous singles that graced our senses. Becoming an isolated ballad of sentiments, “Like That” opens the coldness of yesterday, skilfully delivered by that of Carmody’s vocals. Melting onward to a modern sound of soulful-pop minimized through keys, “Like That” takes a smooth precision into an open wound, but does not grieve.

“I was thinking about how, when you’re in a relationship, your love evolves and changes over time,” explains Carmody. “I guess ‘Like That’ is about wanting to remain infatuated, to still be completely absorbed by the person regardless of time and life’s distractions.”

Smoldering, emotional pulls once again highlight Carmody’s  approach on abstract beauty, such as time and love, while maintaining a haunting presence of elegance that is impossible to not fall victim to.

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