Discover: Jack Grace


Australian Label Of Leisure continues to expand their roster with producer, singer, and songwriter Jack Grace. Working with artists like Ngairre, Buoy, and Christopher Port, Jack Grace takes the lead as a solo act delivering his latest release ‘BE4UGO’, “a brittle, romantic account that tells a story of relationships pushed to the tenth degree”. The single begins with a simple siren sounding, slowly developing, as Jack takes his time introducing the dark elements and production into the single. At times a bright piano protrudes through the dark and murky noise, creating an intense harmony of contrasting sounds.

‘BE4UGO’ is meant for a patient listener, by the end of the song you are completely enveloped in Grace’s ghostly tone and layered voice. Similar to the sonic works of James Blake, Jack Grace is one to watch as his ability to emphasize obscure elements in his production is a testament to his vision and attentiveness to songwriting.

Check Out the Official Video for ‘BE4UGO’:

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