Rendezvous At Two Explores Confident Wants on ‘Play With Me’

The ever sensual and fresh duo, Rendezvous At Two, return with their latest installment of desire and delight. “Play With Me” breaks the mask of fronting and delicately jumps into a state of mind of confident sexuality and wants. Electronic samples trickle through the honey-eyed vocals and is a blunt treasure, lyrically speaking. “Put this cookie on your face, to remind you of your place” tug on the aspect of oral pleasure that isn’t surprising from the duo, but an extremely refreshing honesty from a female’s perspective.

Regardless of the straightforward demand of pleasure, the track’s tempo switches by the chorus, hiding a subtle and hidden truth. This desire is only intensified due to a bigger passion, dare I say love?  “Play With Me” replicates curving the traces of a body, innocently capturing lust and love with the only way that seems natural to expose – playing with your body.

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