Big Wild Delivers Latest Release ‘Show Me’ (feat. Hundred Waters)

Earlier this year, I wrote about Big Wild as an up and coming producer who takes a unique approach to the future bass genre. Using organic elements in his production, and having an incredible talent for creating original tracks, Big Wild’s music continues to sustain an effervescent quality.

After a successful year on the tour circuit at festivals such as Lightning in a Bottle and Life is Beautiful, Big Wild returns with a rework of “Show Me (feat. Hundred Waters).” What began as a remix teased in his live sets, has now been reworked to Big Wild’s synth driven nostalgic electronica with Hundred Waters officially featured on the track.


Big Wild is known for hit singles such as ‘After Gold’ and ‘Invincible’, where the producer builds up colossal tracks with strong vocalists. However on ‘Show Me’ the producer takes a step back to make an ambient song, still innovative and rhythmic in its craft. Hundred Waters saw massive success with the original mix of ‘Show Me Love’ with millions of streams all across the board. Now, Big Wild takes the popular tune and reimagines it in a new context. With swelling vocals and soft keys you can’t help but feel at ease as Big Wild shapes immense sounds into a soothing and peaceful direction.

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