Kadija Kamara Has Her ‘Eyes On You’


Citing inspiration everywhere from Aretha Franklin to Alicia Keys, British singer-songwriter Kadija Kamara has always focused on melding the sounds of classic crooning and new-age soul. After beginning her musical journey in 2011 with her EP Changes, she decided to take a break from writing. As she works on her debut full length album, Kamara has at last given us a taste of what we’ve been missing during the past several years.

Ending her extended hiatus, Kamara is back on the scene with her first single in ten months, entitled “Eyes On You.” A funky tribute to infatuation at first sight, the song chronicles the thoughts that run through one’s mind at the moment of first contact with a person of interest. Grooving along for just under four minutes, the track is driven by an ultra danceable beat and Kamara’s smooth, sultry vocals, crooning “We can learn a thing me and you / still I’m tryin to get to know you. / I’ve been waiting for you.

The accompanying music video is a combination of sleek 70s style and 90s era bubblegum visuals. Wearing a denim jumpsuit, complete with bell bottoms, Kamara serenades her would-be lover, sharing meaningful glances with the object of her desire. The video flashes back and forth between a simulated club environment and a brightly lit studio, repeatedly trading dramatic cool lighting for bright primary colors. Emphasis is placed on the intense gaze of the video’s two subjects, highlighting the powerful attraction that can be ignited during simple eye contact.

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