Palm Honey ‘Starving Hysterical Naked’ (Part One and Part Two)

Photo: Dre Tarphoxki

Palm Honey scrape everything they’ve ever created for an explosion of untrustworthy psychedelic lines and distorted thoughts, all laid upon an experimental pallet for their two-part installment “Starving Hysterical Naked.” Two halves come together for a 9 minute heavy and dark shade that we’ve not yet seen from the neo-psych ensemble, but must say this shade suits them well.  We get to hear and see the concentrated rock from the 70s come alive under this “art rock” umbrella with a certain melodic charm to its overall demeanor.  Taken from Ginsberg’s infamous Poem, HOWL, “Starving Hysterical Naked” titles as an ode but is so much more. Despite the immediate weight that is carried on the first track, the two halves need to be appreciated together.

Picking up on lost echos, Part Two begins a little lighter, almost as the regurgitated product of Part One, tying loose ends and managing to keep all tempo switches alive and fresh. Soon it takes a whirlwind of garage rock delight with a wallop of reverb. We see Palm Honey paint create color with a black and white construction, making these tracks their best yet.

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