New Noise

Rina Sawayama ‘Alterlife’

Photo: Megan Eagles

London-based, digital pop curator, Rina Sawayama, continues her futuristic meshing with her latest single “Alterlife.” Dazzling synths take center stage as the Clarence Clarity production builds the intangible wonders of sci-fi to life. The track’s nostalgic, 80s inspiration is then turned into a heavier dose of industrial rock heard through gritty guitars and a break which leads towards Sawayama’s climatic pop peak. Overall, the track is dripping with ripe melodic bursts it becomes the soundtrack to a galactic revolution.

Praising to “live in your alterlife,” Sawayama explained in a conversation with FADER that “‘Alterlife’ is about finding yourself through trying to become other people,” further adding, “Everyone tries to conform to what other people think but part of growing up is being able to create your own path.”

Coming in at 4 minutes, “Alterlife” and its digital ensemble is filled with millennial star-dust and empowering messages, led by Sawayama’s own path.

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