Discover: Rock From Mexico

Mexico brings us their best. People, ideas, support, and most of all music. Discover all ranges of Rock from Mexico City to Guadalajara.

Love goes out to all those who were effected by the devastating quake that struck September 19th. If you’d like to contribute wherever you may be at, all links all included on the bottom.

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The Mexican 4 piece takes folk-rock to progressive structure with their track “Laberinto.” The track possess a good balance of exploration of quirky psychedelic to a light dustbowl sound that doesn’t weigh down with their country influences too hard like on the track “Dejame Solo,” and it easily becomes on of their more enjoyable sound on their last EP. Yet, the great thing about Capo is their constant blend and change of genres that can be pulled off cleanly by the entirety of the band. If you want something a little harder than folk-rock, check out “Imposible” — it’s a heavier dose of psychedelic-folk that suits Capo’s sound better.

Le Knevett – Self-titled EP

Le Knevett is an intricate and detailed group that focuses on math-rock, which shines on their last EP released earlier this year. The instrumental, 4-track compilation, is a beautifully crafted collection that swims from progressive and solid riffs to lighter, shoe-gaze ambiance. It opens up straight to the point and melts perfectly by the track “Oldboy” which focuses more on the rhythm section; led by tight drumming and prominent bass lines. “El Viejo Dorset” becomes a personal favorite due to it’s gravitational pull towards an emotive story that pulls you in through instrumentation alone.

Barcos D Papel Nave 432

Barcos D Papel manages to explore an arrange of rock elements on their past album Laboratorio Laberinto. The Mexican rock ensemble ranges from the slow ear-pleasing classic rock, similar to that from the out pour in the 80s, to psychedelic arrangements heard on “Nave 432.” Eduardo Reyes, Daniel Diaz, Pepe Montoya, and Isaac Navarro leave a heavy taste in your mouth at the end of this track with subtle tempo changes that keeps the sound fresh. Reyes’ vocals are as throaty as Spanish artist Enrique Bunbury, with the ability to still harmonize delicately over distortion.

Balsamo Caleidoscopio

Hailing from Guadalajara, Balsamo fuses funk, and Latin-Rock to a laid-back disposition with their track “Caleidoscopio.” Despite the track’s easy going nature it doesn’t act as background music as some might think, but will surprise you as the track opens up. Bright keys create a fuller sound towards the end and slow funk grooves consume the entirety of the track — making it ear pleasingly addictive.

AcidandaliYa Paso

Acidandali carries art-rock into the realms of psychedelic confusion with his latest album, III. While the album is ambient and fuses many exploratory concepts, “Ya Paso” is the track that stood out for it’s depth, experimental nature, and smooth flow. It’s 5 minutes of confusion, lyrically speaking, and reflects these thoughts with distant, echoing vocals. Acidandali creates a very simple track of dreamy layers that definitely begs for repetition.

Donate money or supplies to:

Brigada de Rescate Topis

UNICEF Mexico 

Crowdfunding Sites:

Global Giving

GoFund Me

Non-profit Sites:

Oxfam Mexico

Save The Children Mexico

La Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México

Project Paz

List of Names of those who have been rescued on public Google Doc (continuously updated)

Lista Personas rescatadas

Sites taken from Huffington Post, originally published by Carla Herrela

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