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Dermot Kennedy ‘Moments Passed’

Photo: Nicole Nodland

Unearthed, midnight thoughts lead Dermot Kennedy to a sentient take of time on the latest track “Moments Passed.” The Dublin-based artist’s explosive yet poised sense of distressed emotions revive a spiritual connection that seems to effortlessly emerge from this track, becoming a signature trait for Kennedy. Revolving around the smallest of details, “Moments Passed” is crafted to age smoothly while also highlighting Kennedy’s growth as an artist.

Built from a sampled production with an ample amount of future-bass and R&B flare, the modern drop keeps the track relevant. It’s somewhat aggressive and sturdy, acting as a locked memory on repeat aching for Kennedy to layer, who doesn’t disappoint. The spiritual awakening is met with Kennedy’s past wishes, future scenarios, present demons, and brash questioning: “I loved you, does that mean nothing to you now? / I loved you, get me back on holy ground.”

Aside from lyrics that cut deep and a production that lingers, “Moments Passed” comes to full completion through Kennedy’s delivery. Words may stand alone, similar to the production, but Kennedy’s raspy and emotive vocals manipulate these sounds to create a texture of enlightened reality from penned thoughts. The grand scale in which “Moments Passed” is placed on becomes an endearing feeling that Kennedy beautifully displays.

Dermot continues his tour to the U.K. and Europe and two sold out hometown shows at Dublin’s Button Factory.

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