Superet ‘Receiver’

Photo: Ford

An askew perception and slewed indie collection of chamber-psych surely makes wave as a “must see.” For Los Angeles band Superet, their latest video “Receiver” is a bizarrely simple interaction of their track’s musical vitality and unnatural concept. “The idea was to pair a visual component with the song that was simple and unsettling,” explains frontman and video director Matt Blitzer.

Blitzer, along with Alex Fischel (keyboards), Sam KS (drums), Patrick Kelly (bass) and Isaac Tamburino (guitar, keyboards, percussion), are each shown against a black backdrop mindlessly, and allegedly, checking out their face in a distant reflection. Focusing on the quaint plucks of the guitar chord, the first 20 seconds cleverly set the scene for reflected obscurity. “I wanna change your mind” gently echos as Fischel is the first to dive deep into himself. Similar to the motions of applying make-up, each member is seen adding a layer that results in a distorted unearthing, as Blitzer emerges through each face crooning. Grit and distortion come to life through the blistering chorus and blurred noise, symbolically being shown as the layer underneath the human form. Nonchalantly, the video then returns to its tame jangle-pop beginnings, which is presented effectively through the video’s direction.


With only a year under their belt, the rock entity continues to gain traction which will lead to their November residency at the Echo and closing at the Echoplex. Ticket information can be accessed here: Superet Residency

Superet Los Angeles Residency
November 6 – Los Angeles, CA – The Echo
November 13 – Los Angeles, CA – The Echo
November 20 – Los Angeles, CA – The Echo
November 27 – Los Angeles, CA – Echoplex
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