The Altons ‘Darling Girl’

The Altons continue to play with their melodic gift adding endearing soul on their latest track "Darling Girl."

Roots firmly planted in South East Los Angeles, 5-piece soul-rock outfit, The Altons — Gabriel Maldonado, Carlos Canovas, Bryan Ponce, Joseph Quinones, and Adriana Flores — continue to ride the wave of sultry sounds with their latest single “Darling Girl.” Delicate guitar chords hush static noise, ironically into a climatic opening, where momentum is built and funkier lines are played. This constant tempo-change that introduces the track also brings the ideals and lyricism into full-circle, resurfacing throughout the self-reflective verses that almost read from a page of a diary.

Aside from “Darling Girl” and its construction that offers graceful fluidity, and smooth grooves, there’s something positively genuine about this track it’s hard to put into words. It could be the scattered start, the refined amount of feeling, or Flores’ trusted vocals that find air above the melodic drive of the track. Or simply, it could be The Altons’ musical reaction with one another that create the heart of their recognizable “soul rock” sound. Regardless of what it is, “Darling Girl” becomes endearing every step of the way.


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