TATRAN ‘The Elephant’

Israel trio, TATRAN, continue their momentum with their video for featuring a live performance of “The Elephant,” taken from their 2015 album Soul Ghosts. If unfamiliar with TATRAN, they cannot be easily described, but can easily be enjoyed. Their last album, No Sides (2017), continued their instrumental bliss and possessed more of an avant-garde and ambient appeal, whereas other moments of the band’s craft have taken them to intricate musical construction, and heavy jazz influences.  Offir Benjaminov (bass), Tamuz Dekel (guitar), and Dan Mayo (drums) are more than musicians but truly come to life as artists who genuinely love their creations.

The live performance of “The Elephant” is a gracious reassurance to their individual and collective talent. The 7-minute video highlights an intimate interaction of TATRAN, all while soaking up their vitality. The rise and fall of the track is only a taste of what TATRAN displays, equally and impressively holding a wide range of “gurth.” From experimental, to funk, “The Elephant” is a polished explosion of sounds.




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