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Illuminati Hotties ‘(You’re Better) Than Ever’

Photo: Lexi Bonin

The “post-naptime, burrito-core” musical waves of Los Angeles’s Illuminati Hotties comes in full form with their debut single and music video “(You’re Better) Than Ever.” Primarily crafted by Sarah Tudzin –who wrote, engineered, and performed the majority of songs with a handful of friends — the track’s laid back demeanor washes any amount of stress that comes your way. “(You’re Better) Than Ever” develops into a mature dosage of college-rock that radiates “worry free” and is brought to full fruition by the repetitive bright chords. Through various breaks the track takes a cool dip towards surf pop and a quaint indie allurement that makes it impossible to not enjoy.

Tudzin’s charm is then extracted for the video, featuring her skating down the neighborhood in high spirits, surrounded by love, friends, and optimistic rays, yet still manages to focus on her boredom. The one-shot direction and animation (done by Kat Bingley) evokes a better view on the playful verses, softening the narrative and core of the bittersweet taste that is timidly set in the downstream lyrics:  “All the things I used to do are boring now / all the baddest words I knew came pouring out / when I heard / that you feel better / better than ever.” Yet, somewhere in the midst of self-reflection, the track’s abrupt ending leaves a satisfying, better than ever, skaterock taste.





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